Acupuncture 2020 spring and summer new product debut

On September 18th, 2019, the street brand Acupuncture from London, England presented a spring and summer new product launch with the theme of “UNDERGROUND”. Here, the rebellious style and artistic taste of the younger generation are very popular. The visual gala of innovation tension has attracted many mainstream media and trend people to gather here celebrity dresses.

Acupuncture 2020 spring and summer new product launch site

“Hey.” From the moment the invitation letter was redeemed for the inbound card, the fashion hipsters turned into subway passengers and were swept into the grotesque London Underground. Retro streamlined light boxes, heavy metal style car seats, the scenery of the cars on both sides, the rhythm of jumping and the speed of breaking the boundaries, Acupuncture uses the trend to create a unique immersive experience show, reproduce The style influence of the British street culture that has swept the world in the last century. The opening of the first show was made by the brand’s hard-core rapper, and the pharaoh was on the stage and put it on the scene.

THEORY 2020 Spring Women’s Collection

September 2019 – In the Theory 2020 Spring Women’s Collection, creative director Francesco Fucci draws inspiration from the ancient and modern world of civilization. He combines his recent visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy, with New York’s energetic modern style. A new spring product with a variety of styles and freshness.

This collection emphasizes pure and sensual beauty, blending traditional structures with irregular designs to create an elegant temperament. The garments are exquisitely cut, rich in early spring, with clean lines, sculptural appearance and drape, shirts, trousers, jackets with a light layering and elegant dress, rich in texture and casual style celebrity dresses .
The main fabrics include bonded crepe, double woven cotton, washed crepe, pleated satin, animal print knit and silk, and copper ammonia fiber used as a fabric rather than a lining.
The color is selected from the pure white, green, lavender lavender and pink blue of the Roman statue. There are also high saturation pinks and blues that evoke the vitality of New York youth culture.
Francesco Fucci said: “This collection is designed to create a classic beauty, blending simple and casual style, presenting the classic and contemporary vitality.”


Founded in 1997 by Andrew Rosen, Theory is known for its sleek and practical design philosophy, creating a modern, urban-style modern style. As a brand of Fast Retailing Group, Theory balances its accurate contour cuts and carefully selected high-quality fabrics, and is widely loved by its fans.

Only a split skirt will be worn on the red carpet? Also high-profile red, only for the “Fallin killer”!

The annual Cannes Film Festival is being held in grand, and the performance of the stars on the red carpet every year will attract public attention, and the supermodel Bella Hadid has always been one of the essential highlights on the Cannes Red Carpet. We together look!

This year, Bella is very different from the previous performance. Wearing Roberto Cavalli’s custom evening gift, the sharp cut is very eye-catching, showing a bumpy figure and a beautiful back, and the split skirt is even more Highlight the Queen’s gas field celebrity dresses.

Every time Bella, who appeared in the red carpet of Cannes, will wear a red dress. This time, wearing a red dress with Roberto Cavalli, this style is absolutely perfect, simple and charming, effortless, and instantly become a “film killer.”

Debut at the Cannes Film Festival “Rocket Man” premiere red carpet, a red hollowed out design dress big show perfect body, this shape makes her once again become the focus of the character, but some netizens said: “Every time you only wear on the red carpet Open skirt?”

Bella, who first participated in the red carpet of Cannes, was on Deep v. The red silk dress with a high fork appeared, which made her the focus of the world in a moment. Although there is a risk of getting out of the light, it is quite common. Controversy, but also brought her a lot of popularity.

This high slit dress made her not only high-profile to reveal the long legs, but also the V-shaped split dress on the upper body showed her proud chest, revealing a leg that visually perfected her own proportion, and the momentum increased. A lot.

I have to say that red really sets off Bella’s good skin color, the design of the sling, showing the sexy collarbone and beautiful shoulder line, and also shows the supermodel’s proud figure.

This red chiffon skirt, the slits of the thighs and the details of the neckline make this dress look very eye-catching, and the looming beauty is even more silent.

Look back at the red dress that I used to have on the red carpet. Then look at Bella’s dress show in Cannes. I appeared at the premiere of “At The Rocketman” and dressed in a flowing tulle cake skirt. This figure is really beautiful. .

Bella, a senior-looking face, wearing a white tulle cake dress, puts her hair together, shows exquisite facial features, and the face is hard, there is a snow queen.

At the dinner, from the “head” to the “foot” are uniform nude colors, even the makeup and nails are nude, but there is no feeling of blood, but a unique beauty.

The low-saturation of this body is actually very difficult to hold, but he has no morbid beauty feeling, but also shows the vest line and abdominal muscles, the real body is afraid that every girl must envy!

Cultivate the truth of diamonds, big PK, cost-effective detonation of consumer trends

The same diamond, do you choose natural or laboratory cultivation? I believe that the vast majority of consumers will say that choosing the same quality and cheap price. But everyone may have doubts, is it true diamonds to cultivate diamonds? At the Shenzhen International Jewelry Show on September 12th, a public experiment on cultivating the truth of diamonds gave a positive answer. The battle of the name has sparked industry hotspots, attracting the attention of many consumers and adding new boosters to the high-growth diamond market.

Is cultivating diamonds a true diamond?

At present, many jewellery industry practitioners are still using the titles of artificial diamonds and synthetic diamonds to mislead consumers to distinguish whether the diamonds are true or not, so that consumers think that cultivating diamonds is fake diamonds celebrity dresses.

HRD (Belgian Diamond High-Level Council) Diamond Appraiser and NGTC Diamond Grader Lu Wei are professionally identifying two groups of diamonds

On September 12th, the Shenzhen International Jewelry Show held the “Exploration of the Truth of Diamonds”. More than 100 media reporters and live audiences witnessed this open experiment. The two groups of professional testers respectively raised the refractive index, hardness, electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity of the diamond and natural diamonds into a comprehensive PK. After summarizing all the test data, they announced that “the four test data of the two samples are identical. , indicating that they belong to a substance, all diamonds.”

The four results of the Shenzhen Jewelry Exhibition “Cultivating the Truth of Diamonds” were announced. The truth of the diamond cultivation was first revealed under the witness of the public and the media.

At the Shenzhen International Jewelry Show, Zhengyuan Hanshang Jewelry and other professional organizations also published the “China Declaration on the Development of Diamond Industry in China”, calling on practitioners and the mass media to cultivate diamonds, and objectively and fairly guide consumers to “cultivate diamonds.” The perception of true diamonds protects consumer rights.

Cost-effective detonation of consumer trends

Cultivating diamonds and natural diamonds are also true diamonds, but the price is different. The price of a 1-carat bred diamond is about $4,000 (28,000 renminbi), while the equivalent-quality 1 carat natural diamond is priced at around $8,000 (56,000 renminbi).

 Why is there such a big spread? On the one hand, the cost of cultivating diamonds is about 30% lower than that of natural diamonds mined. On the other hand, the source of natural diamonds is monopolized by international diamond industry giants such as De Beers, resulting in a high price of diamonds. In other words, the natural diamonds that cost tens of thousands of yuan are for consumers to pay for monopoly behavior.

The rise of China’s nurturing diamond industry has broken the monopoly pattern that the international diamond industry giant has continued for more than 100 years. In 2018, China’s gem-quality diamond production reached 1.3 million carats, and its output accounted for more than 90% of the global total. It has become the world’s largest raw material producer of diamonds.

Nowadays, cultivating diamonds has risen in Europe and the United States. High-income Americans do not hide the pursuit of cost-effectiveness. The United States has become the world’s largest market for cultivating diamonds.

Many young consumers came to Zhengyuan Hanshang booth to consult and cultivate diamond related information.

The Chinese market is also entering the peak of development, and more and more young consumers choose to buy and cultivate diamonds. According to authoritative reports, the market demand for gem-quality diamonds in China has reached 1.25 million carats in 2018. It is expected to be around 2.1 million carats in 2019 and 6.8 million carats in 2021. The market sales will reach more than 20 billion. It is expected that the cultivation of diamonds will increase by 5.5 times in the next three years, gradually becoming the mainstream of the diamond market and fighting against natural diamonds.

China’s first brand of cultivating diamonds – “DIAMOND ROSE Diamond Rose” by Zhengyuan Hanshang Jewelry debuted at the 2019 Shenzhen International Jewelry Fair

International Gemological Institute IGI and Zhengyuan Hanshang Jewelry Cooperation Awarding Ceremony

So how do consumers buy and cultivate diamonds? At present, authoritative appraisal institutions at home and abroad have already provided fair and rigorous appraisal and grading services for cultivating diamond products, so that consumers can rely on evidence, follow the rules and purchase with confidence. Zhengyuan Hanshang Jewelry has cooperated with two authoritative appraisal organizations, IGI and Nanjing National Inspection, to achieve a “one diamond and one license” to ensure that each diamond meets stringent quality standards.

Cultivating diamonds is one of the most promising national industries in China and is a true “Chinese diamond”. I believe that the Chinese will support Huawei’s strong rise in support of Huawei.

White Deer appeared in New York Fashion Week in 2020 Spring and Summer, playing the natural symphony

At 4 pm on September 10, New York time, the Chinese fashion brand Bailu language held a new product launch conference called “Natural Sound” in New York Fashion Week in 2020 Spring and Summer. This is the second time that Bailu has reached the stage of the four major fashion weeks. The designer Fu Wenjie has brought us a wonderful release of elegance and temperament, comfort and fashion. From the domestic and foreign media to speak together, Qi Li to call this wonderful release!

It seems that from the day of its founding, Bailu is synonymous with “miracle.” In 2016, Bailu language entered the well-known e-commerce platform Vipshop in the initial stage of the brand. In just three years, it has accumulated 1.66 million fans, and the turnover exceeded 1.3 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 700%. In the environment where the clothing industry is not prosperous, Bailu language can achieve such an impressive record, which makes Bailu language attract much attention in the industry.

The journey of Bailu language contest in Fashion Week is equally exciting! In 2018, Bailu language was first released and invited by Vipshop to London Fashion Week. “The national tide went out, the deer was the first”, and the deer-themed release series made people It was a bright spot and it was widely praised by the international media. Subsequently, Bailu language twice landed in China International Fashion Week, and staged two fashion releases of “Heide Qiyuan” and “Huan”. Among them, the debut of China International Fashion Week in the spring and summer of 2019 won the 20th China Top 20 Fashion brand awards.

This time, Bailu language successfully appeared in New York Fashion Week, and once again successfully demonstrated the elegant trend! On the New York Times Square, which is known as the “world crossroads”, on the big screens of Nasdaq and Reuters, you can See the advertisement of Bailu language! Bailu language, once again let the international fashion industry applaud!

No sound is already, blockbuster! Bailu language has achieved such good results, in addition to relying on Bailu’s fast and complete supply chain system, it is inseparable from Bailu language’s pursuit of simplicity, high quality and high cost performance. . Obviously, the successful launch of the commercial and art-compatible New York Fashion Week will bring new opportunities for White Deer to base on the Chinese market and lay out the global fashion industry celebrity dresses.

White deer story, nature sound, white deer new series

This season, designer Fu Wenjie’s theme of “Natural Sound” presents a gorgeous piece of music and music. The designer draws inspiration from the Chinese Confucian classic “Book of Rites? The Doctrine of the Mean”, which conveys the inclusiveness of nature and inclusiveness. She cleverly chooses the world language of “music” as the entry point for modern fashion. New interpretations! From the symbols and forms of music and instruments from all over the world, blending with a variety of fabrics, through a wealth of craftsmanship, presenting an elegant and exquisite fashion collection, expressing the designer’s yearning for a better future, for world peace. Expectation.

The works are divided into three series: “phoneme”, “sound spectrum” and “harmony”. The designer respects nature, adopts traditional techniques such as plant fiber and plant dyeing, and uses natural mineral dyes to be environmentally friendly and healthy. It returns to pure and natural. In color, it mainly promotes pure white aesthetics, and all kinds of texture fabrics are mainly white. In the “phoneme” series, the designer chose a light-weight gauze and a green fabric with rich texture, thin and thick, light and heavy, and different textures of the fabric against each other, forming an interesting contrast. The symbols drawn from the musical elements of various countries are set on the fabric, reflecting the theme of the series. The style of the clothes is simple and wearable and highlights the individuality. In the “Sound Spectrum” series, the designer added a refreshing and pleasant green color to the white series. The design also incorporates the “Sound Spectrum” elements and various musical instrument symbols, and adds exquisite crafts such as embroidery and inlays to the traditional Chinese characters. The word “le” highlights the design attitude of the designer. The whole series has simple and practical styles such as sweaters and hoodies. It also has a personality that highlights the carefulness of the sleeves and girdle design. Whether it is a fashionista or a fashion white-collar, you can choose your favorite. The “Harmony” series brought the whole release to a climax. Designers used a large number of organza collage fabrics to design a simple top and jumpsuits. The sets of costumes on the finale were light and sleek, and were irregularly cut. The hem and cuffs embody the rhythm of music.

Bailu language advocates the artistic expression of simple beauty, which is simplified and conveys a design concept of “less is more”. It breaks the traditional beauty of the hustle and bustle, naturally reveals casual and sexy, exudes the unique charm of minimalism. With a keen sense of fashion, independent, independent, mature and elegant fashion women are the target customers of Bailu language. The brand hopes to make everyone live and do it easily. Therefore, in the design of Bailu language, everything is just right, so naturally. In the city surrounded by reinforced concrete, in the process of chasing dreams, White Deer can make every consumer get real comfort and nature!

Talking about the theme of the conference, designer Fu Wenjie said: “Fashion and music have always been inextricably linked. Music is a door to communicate with the world and has far-reaching social influence. Fashion is A mirror of culture can reflect social phenomena in a unique way. They must be mutually influential and mutually reinforcing. This has also become an important inspiration for my launch. I hope that in the theme of inclusiveness and love. Under the design, the purest natural sound can be conveyed through design, so that everyone can truly ‘hear’ the beautiful melody of nature, let everyone return to their hearts, stick to their original dreams, and always hope for the future.”

This time, the Bailu language brand successfully debuted and won the recognition of the domestic and international fashion circles. In the future, Bailu will continue to exert its strength in the international top fashion stage. The online and offline channels will be fully fired, and we will create an elegant fashion brand that truly belongs to young consumers! Let us look forward to the next stop of the Bailu language brand. wonderful!

The stars are shining, the pearls are shining – the flagship store of K&IRÈNE Peninsula is gorgeous

On September 8th, K&IRÈNE senior jewellery brand held a press conference at the Peninsula Shanghai on the Bund, and the opening ceremony of the flagship store in the peninsula. Brand founders Ms. Annick DE BENTZMANN, Cyrille CONRAD, Ms. Qin Yan, Global CEO Paul William Burke, France Mr. Benoît Guidée, Consul General, Mr. Han Geng, the brand’s best friend, Ms. Jing Jing, the editor-in-chief of Bazaar Jewelry, and celebrities from all walks of life and dozens of well-known media attended the event to witness the brand’s moment celebrity dresses.

Mr. Han Geng, a well-known film and television actor, wore the Haïmalong series of jewels and attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony as a brand-name friend. The outstanding gentleman’s temperament and Haïmalong’s radiant radiance complement each other’s elegant style. Kyrille CONRAD, founder and design director of K&IRÈNE brand, shared the design inspiration of the brand’s main collection with Han Geng. The light and shadow circulation opened a journey of jewels and artistic aesthetics. In the media interview, Han Geng also revealed his love for the K&IRÈNE brand: “K&IRÈNE’s Haïmalong Haimalong and Haïmafong Haimafeng, let me feel the true meaning of being loved.”

On the same day, Ms. Jing Jing, executive publisher and editor-in-chief of Bazaar Jewelry, also attended the opening ceremony. A beautiful and charming high-end jewellery show was praised by the fashion industry veteran: “K&IRÈNE brand bold and unique design style, in advanced The field of jewellery is unique, and this ingenuity and wisdom are shocking.”

The jewellery show dress is provided by Jenny Packham, the British king of Kate.

Former French Prime Minister Raffarin also expressed his appreciation and blessing to K&IRÈNE by means of video: “K&IRÈNE can be said to push the art of jewellery to the extreme. I appreciate its achievements in its own field and hope that K&IRÈNE is in Shanghai. The first store opened in the Charismatic Capital was a great success.”

At the beginning of the design, “Dare to be loved” is the brand spirit of K&IRÈNE. It is like a continuous spiritual bond connecting the immortal legend and four “Dare to Love” women 600 years ago. When this eternal courage is integrated into the exquisite work of K&IRÈNE, the fading light shines on every man who writes his own romance and legend, and is also the brand advertisement “Dare to Love” The spiritual connotation.

The K&IRÈNE Peninsula flagship store is not only a place for high-end jewellery, but also an art gallery that shines with the charm of the East and West. The meticulously divided display area creates a delicate balance of light and shadow; the romantic and elegant cultural space, interpretation of oriental charm and French style. Everyone who is interested in jewelry and art can visit the show.

Haïmalong is the brand totem of K&IRÈNE and the main collection of the brand. It carries love and courage and reinterprets the new concept of fashion. It was popular with celebrities from all walks of life for the first time. The Symbole Modern Collection interprets the legendary vows from 600 years ago with the ultimate craftsmanship; the Envol wing series is taken from the light and elegant feathers of Haïmafong Sea Horse Phoenix, turning infinite power into an elegant embellishment; and the Blossom Bloom series is a spiritual one. The secret garden is condensed on the jewels, and the wonderful design, or elegant and quiet, or exaggerated and changeable, prosperous and condensed, more vivid and agile.

Shanghai net red new landmark, with a wonderful transformation to the New York Times

The devils have always lacked the net red card, but to say that this year’s most anticipated, must be indispensable to these creamy giant tanks! Before it was officially opened, it was listed on the New York Times with a unique transformation. The red book and the INS were even more plucked, attracting many people to take pictures.

The transformation of waste factories into art spaces is common at home and abroad, but the transformation of aviation tanks is still the first in the world. The five industrial-style white steel plates are made up of bright and simple lines, surrounded by large reeds, so the original ecological style is very rare in the magic, it feels like landing on the space station celebrity dresses!

From natural scenery to architectural space, there are ready-made sets everywhere. The style is very varied, and the filming rate is very high. No matter the futuristic or the literary fan, it can be easily won.

This undefeated place is the world’s first tank art center, Tank Shanghai, which was transformed by the famous open architectural design firm. Xiaofeijun gives a few classic examples, and everyone can feel the style of this architectural circle:

The reconstructed art center covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters, which is bigger than 8 football fields! The garden path connects five oil tanks and a Z-shaped circle around the square. The 3, 4, and 5 oil tanks pass through the sunken plaza, opening up the underground space, and the design is ingenious.

Not only the high value, but also the inside of the tank! It has been rated as “the most anticipated art museum in 2019” by many media in the world, but compared with art galleries, oil tanks are a comprehensive art and culture landscape, integrating bookstores, exhibitions, restaurants, music festivals, park green spaces, etc. In one, the grass extends all the way to the Huangpu River, and people can freely shuttle between art and nature.

Previously, there have been some activities held here, including the World Artificial Intelligence Conference and the Shanghai Biennale Urban Project, but most of the buildings are still closed.

A few days ago, the Shanghai Oil Tank Art Center officially announced the overall opening hours: March 23. Then, Xiaofeijun will come to a spoiler first, let us take a small hand together and find out how to play this new landmark!

Speaking of the protagonist of the center, of course, these five giant big tanks! Its predecessor was the aviation storage tank of Longhua Airport, which was specially designed to provide oil power for the aircraft.

Shanghai Longhua Airport is a big one. It is the first airport in China to open an international flight and is known as the “origin of civil aviation in China”. Nowadays, the loneliness of ruins that have been vacant for decades has once again become the focus of people.

The transformation of the oil tanks all retains the original form, the internal space is wide, the height is 15 meters, and the hard nuclear industrial temperament is brought. 123 oil tanks are relatively small, 24 meters in diameter; 4 and 5 tanks are large tanks with a diameter of 28 meters.

Although the five short and chunky looks very similar, they actually have their own characteristics from the architectural structure to the space theme!

No. 1 oil tank: a lively scene with minimal wind

The No. 1 oil tank has two floors and is also an open space. Although the tank park is not fully open, since last year, there have been some performances and exhibitions.

Some time ago, I held an exhibition of Ikeda, and I will play a live house in the future. Don’t miss the music.

No. 2 tank: themed restaurant overlooking the river bank

The No. 2 tank, which looks like a submarine, will be transformed into a three-story theme restaurant! The biggest highlight is the roof platform. It is said that you can see the scenery of the entire Xuhui Riverside, which is sure to be a good-looking and delicious place.

No. 3 oil tank: a magical space that will “rain”

The No. 3 tank is very interesting, it is a large art installation itself! The top is designed to open and close the skylight, which can bring the outdoor climate into the room, so you can feel the breath of nature in the tank, and encounter a sunny or windy rain.

No. 4 Oil Tank: Traditional Contemporary Art Pavilion

The No. 4 oil tank inherits the soul of the traditional art museum. It is an exhibition space with contemporary art as its core. Later, there is another good place to watch the exhibition!

No. 5 Oil Tank: Music Festival & Fashion Show

The No. 5 tank has the largest space and is divided into two upper and lower spaces, each covering an area of ​​more than 600 square meters. The addition of a lawn is equivalent to the addition of the stand and will be used for music festivals and fashion shows in the future.

Three popular keywords

Unlock to take a new pose

In addition to watching exhibitions, of course, there are no fewer photos. The bloggers of various roads have already dispatched in advance, and they have come to the front line to step on the concave shape. A lot of beautiful photos are swept through the network, which is really enviable! Xiaofei Jun also summed up three popular keywords to help you dominate the circle of friends.

Because there is not too much decoration, the original minimalist lines of the dome tank, the photos taken in the scene of the building itself bring a sense of high-level, especially under the light and shadow, more distinct.

The exterior corridor of the No. 2 tank, the circular entrance of the space capsule of Building 1, and the deep staircase in the room are all classic portrait scenes.

The large white area of ​​the tank wall is a versatile background, whether it is a close-up photo or a wide-angle panorama. By night, the white wall will become a huge electronic screen, and the technology is fashionable.

With the yellow reeds and the tanks, it is easy to shoot the holiday style, very suitable for autumn and winter! Little fairies can choose a light-colored costume to match.

The reed pole is also thoughtfully paved with a small road platform for people to take pictures. Everyone should pay attention to not stepping on the plants!

The small round window in the building is also a great prop for photography, and it is amazing to shoot! Penetrating thick walls, like the art of framed scenery.

On the third floor of No. 4 oil tank, there is a long light-transparent window facing the Huangpu River, where you can find the exclusive night view of Binjiang at night.

On the opening day, the No. 5 oil tank will also usher in the global teamLab exhibition! It has been named as “the world’s top 10 must-see exhibitions”, and London, Paris, and Tokyo have all blasted long queues and more than 5 million visitors.

Light and shadow create the ultimate sense of dreams, even the stars such as Yi Qian, Liu Wen, Wang Yidan, etc. can not help but call it!

The teamLab’s exhibition presents a constantly changing face in the form of “two-way interaction”, which is different from conventional art, high-tech + immersive interactive experience, breaking the gap between people and works, that is, visitors will become these works of art. a part of.

This time, the classic work “The World of Water Particles in Oil Tanks” will also drop the tanks. The exhibition will last from March 23 to August 24 for up to 5 months.

The “flowing” huge waterfall made up of water particles will descend from the sky and expand indoors. When you approach the waterfall, the water will change shape with the human body, which is amazing!

In the current, the work will fall. “Flowers and people, not controlled, but can symbiosis – like time.” In an hour, the flower from the birth to the state of death and death, showing the picture of the moment in the beginning of the year, missed and will not see again.

The interconnected work “Black Waves: Lost, Immersed and Reborn” lets the waves connect in the exhibition hall like a one-of-a-kind calligraphy!

In addition, the three major works of “Life and death are endless, now is eternal II”, “the impermanent life, the birth of time and space, new time and space” and “circle phase” will also be exhibited at the same time, modern technology and traditional art. Combine to bring a new visual experience and perspective.

Pomellato Baomanlando Beijing International Trade Store re-opened: Jumping away from the limit

As the shining glamour of the jewellery world, Pomellato has always been a way of breaking through the traditional creative concept, showing the individuality of wearing, showing the original fashion of Italian art. On September 6, 2019, Pomellato Baomanlando Beijing International Trade Store re-opened, incorporating Milan’s fashion design inspiration and “Made To Dare” independent declaration of boldness, adhering to the low-key elegance, brave to break through the limitations celebrity dresses.

The cozy soul of Pomellato “Made To Dare” has infiltrated into the atmosphere of the reopened Guomao store. Decoration and color are the extraordinary features of this unique space. The deep red lacquered wall with chain details forms a central three-dimensional display area, and the colorful and beautiful and the historical architecture of Milan blend in the store. While paying tribute to the spirit of the craftsman, Pomellato is also creating a free and open environment, leading everyone who walks into the store to experience the unique and colorful world.

The ever-lighting torch of inspiration burns the beauty of Italian elegant goldsmith craftsmanship. Pomellato emphasizes the sense of volume and precise detail, not only for wearing in grand occasions, but also for different everyday situations. It highlights the fascinating charm of the wearer and brings the extraordinary craftsmanship and unconventional personality that dares to break through to the extreme.

As the symbol of Pomellato, the non-prong setting NUDO series reflects the fascinating brilliance of bare gems, reflecting the unique colors of women; the new Brera series, which commemorates the spirit of innovation, shows the art in the curve. Sense and exquisite goldsmith skills; the M’AMA NON M’AMA series, which draws nutrients from the Byzantine civilization, is the first to use ore elements to create a mosaic of shimmering jewels. These new 2019 series of jewels that perfectly match the innovative attitude of “Made To Dare”, which breaks the label and breaks through the restrictions, deeply inspires women to embrace the spirit of diversity, heart and spirit.

Pomellato insists on walking with women. In order to support women without their own restrictions, Pomellato has been continuously developing its #PomellatoForWomen communication platform, working together with powerful women, and tirelessly tapping into the deep glamour of women, praising the true beauty of courage, foresight, innovation and women. Therefore, let the women of the new era follow the inner love, enjoy the good life of the moment, and live the true self.

The French brand The Kooples has launched a new package named after Meng Meng Yao!

Recently, the French brand The Kooples launched a new package named after Meng Meng Yao!

This bag is called Ming, which costs 325 euros. It has a variety of colors. It is a collaboration style between Mengmeng Yao and The Kooples. Every time you sell a nightmare, you can get the money.

This bag is the first time a fashion brand has named a Chinese supermodel because the French brand The Kooples is the goddess of the goddess and the soul of the brand.

The brand now has five celebrity-named bags, including Zayn Malik, Stella Maxwell, Irina Shayk, etc., and Meng Meng Yao is the only Asian female model.

Although The Kooples is not a luxury brand, it is a luxury brand, but Meng Meng Yao is still Slay.

Good things are in pairs, and in the past, Biotherm also announced that Meng Meng Yao continued to serve as a global spokesperson.

Coupled with the recent Fendi early autumn advertising, Meng Mengyao’s fashion performance this year is very gratifying.

In the past few years, due to the fall of Wei Mi Xiu, the supermodel image of Meng Meng Yao has been dying for a long time. Even though many fashion bloggers have moved out of her wonderful performances in the past fashion week, they still can’t block the visitors. mouth.

Many netizens incarnate in the fashion circle to point out Jiangshan, accusing her of over-entertainment and losing her career, and the most deadly is questioning her professionalism.

Wrestling accidents are undeniable, but I am very happy that Mengyao Yao still has his own place in the fashion circle.

Because there is no doubt that Meng Mengyao is indeed the top supermodel in China and the world, her oral English is the best, and hard photos and steps are very outstanding!

Many people are wondering why Meng Mengyao is so lucky, and he can stand up again after such a big scandal.

But in fact, every good person with luck has left a lot of goodness and hard work for networking.

It is not wrong to keep a good heart, do good things, say good things, and be a good contemporary Liu San.

Credit: Celebrity-Dresses

You are wearing a “grandmother’s shirt” this fall, and the temperament is blown up!

Go to the first small shirt in autumn and choose it! It’s too fashionable!

The wind in July and the rain in August are really true… The weather in early autumn has begun to change in the morning and evening, and some northern regions have already added thin coats to check the trend of small coats in the second half of this year. I found a retro grandmother’s shirt that has long been popular in the fashion circle. It is still famous on the list!

Just entering the early autumn, the fashion elite can’t wait to put on the grandmother’s shirt! Is it a mix of trousers or a stack of dresses, all super nice trendy cp! Lazy and a little exquisite French retro style, full of femininity!

The versatile skill is even better! Hold the retro intellectual wind, and control the big woman Royal Sister Fan!

This is not a fragrant purple milk sweater + jeans, it was staged a retro battle! Catering to Morandi’s classic grey tones, it’s exceptionally high! In addition to the fragrant purple milk sweater, there is also a soft creamy breast milk shirt, mix and match jeans is also the sweetness of chic!

In addition to the gentle color, even the colorful burgundy breasts + jeans, can walk between the retro and the advanced, not complicated and extra-looking, the girl is age-old!

The long section can also be used directly as a dress! Wear lazy and intellectual, and mix and match windbreakers to create a high level of experience!

Star demonstration

This year, the entertainment circle florists have been waiting to put on their grandmother’s shirts. Song Zuer appeared at the airport. Whether it is a white grandmother’s shirt + jeans half skirt, or avocado green milky sweater mixed with small black pants, they are very young and young!

Zhou Jieqiong wore a light green breastmilk shirt set, full of retro intellectual style children, short white milky sweater + overalls mix and match is also a bright spot, the level of the mother, but more reflects the fun of dressing!

Zhao Liying and Ni Ni choose a mix of jeans and jeans, with small white shoes, everyday and casual! The grandmother’s shirt adds a bit of fashion to the overall look, and the street feels full!

As a grasshopper in the entertainment circle, the big cousin is the first to wear it!

Compared to the entertainment circle and the fashionable and refined, in the era of the popularity of Vintage, Hepburn, who wore his breasts shirt early, is really a foresight! The elegance and warmth of the gestures are mixed with the temperament of the grandmother’s shirt!

This year, wearing a breast milk shirt does not mix jeans, just like a white! This pair of ingenious fashion cp, casually mix and match a beret to break the boring feeling, gentle and a little sexy!

The red grandmother’s shirt has a little court sleeve design, which is more chic, soft and lazy, and the jeans’ sleek strength echoes!

Or choose the sky blue pearl button baby shirt mixed with high-waist jeans, large V-neck grooming face, revealing a charming collarbone, it is very sexy! Vertical ribs are slightly more visible to the micro fat girls!

The short grandmother’s shirt, the rough flower design is even more special! It’s not easy to hit the shirt and mix high-rise jeans, it looks more casual and lazy! Creamy white is both gentle and classic, and will not be outdated for decades.

The short-sized grandmother’s shirt is for girls with five or five points, or the waist line is relatively low. It is very good to modify the upper body proportion, stylish and leg length! Feel free to be a beautiful scenery on the street at any time!

In addition to the cream white, the earth-colored knit milk-milk shirt is also worn out of the street series with closed eyes, creating a salty and sweet Japanese style!

For wearing a small white will definitely not be mine, oversized style grandmother shirt, mix and match straight jeans, echoing old shoes, neutral does not lose the sweetness, while the age is more fashionable.

Black breasts shirt upper body is more advanced big woman fan!

In addition to wearing a single sweater, the grandmother can also be used as a mix in a long coat. Mixing nine points of jeans in autumn and winter is simply a temperament with a layered appearance!

In addition to the short paragraph, the mid-length long-milk sweater mixes jeans, which is simple and mature! The stylish and stylish style that the mid-length grandmother wants to wear! Mix and match nine points jeans is the best choice, play a neutral effect, reduce dressing drag!

The thick twisted breast milk shirt is the same color as the casual wide-leg pants, and the high-end sensation! Dating wear is definitely a perfect mix of tailor-made!

Buttoned breastmilk shirt + wide-leg pants, the neutral wind between sexy femininity, instantly conquered, gentle but not sweet!

Plaid pants and striped pants, this year’s retro style! It is most suitable for mixing and mixing pure milk sweaters, reducing the complexity and bringing a cleanliness to the overall shape! Fashion is multiplied!

Short ribbed breastmilk shirt mixed with bean sand green wide-leg pants, short and chic! For everyday wear, it is also a good driving experience! Especially in the transitional season of the hustle and bustle, comfortable and attractive!

Apple’s body is worried that tight-fitting models are too easy to expose shortcomings! Choose the short loose-type mix and match high-waist wide-leg pants, just to make up for the short belly! The overall look full of French style, out of the box!

The oversized version caters to the bigger and more fashionable themes! It also shows lazy and gentle temperament! Asian girls can also get it easily!

There is no single item that can’t be mixed with a breast-milk shirt, and the smoky blue milk-milk shirt mixes with black smoke pipe pants, highlighting the senior lady sister style!

Japanese bloggers use their breast-milk shirts to mix and match printed trousers, and the mix of tough and three-dimensional trench coats highlights the lines and contours! At the same time, driving the street feeling of Qing Su, it has a unique charm!

When you don’t know what to wear, the streamlined grandmother’s shirt is definitely a versatile choice. You can mix and match the plaid pipe pants, you don’t need to over-modify them to be beautiful!

Grandma shirt + skirt, have to say that it is simply a pair of extremely elegant combination!

Mix and match the green floral skirt, fresh and bright, the whole looks like a fairy!

The black ribbed breast-milk shirt mixes and wears the same color leather skirt. It is slim and at the same time, it does not reduce the coolness. It mixes the floral half skirt, and the temperament is mixed with a touch of elegance, which is very exquisite!

The big breasts are mixed with short leather skirts, playful and street-like, and the little girls wear long legs!

Watching the street shoots and the stars privately, you know how hot the green milk sweater is this year! The material has chosen a more textured mohair blessing, which can also help reduce the glamour of green, which makes it more versatile, mix and match striped dresses, and there is no contradiction. Half-shouldered and sexy is not flattering! Intellectual and eye-catching!

This year’s fashionable fine-fashioned play-to-milk-shirt, with a few buttons on the corners of the clothes, creates a split-cross visual effect, which not only pulls out the layer proportion but also adds a lot of fashion sense!

Of course, you can use the oversized version of the grandmother’s shirt to create a fashionable outfit that is missing in the lower body!

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